How do you grow garlic in pots or planters?

Without garlic, our dishes would be so bland. Sometimes just a few cloves are enough to add flavor and flavor to the most flavorless dish. It’s clear that this condiment has a special place in our pantry. But, by the way, wouldn’t you like to have it in your kitchen as much as you want? But yes, it’s possible. All you have to do is grow some at home! Oops, don’t have a garden or vegetable patch? You’re in luck: thanks to our little trick, you won’t even need it. Just grab a few toothpicks and you’ll have fresh garlic florets galore. Come on, shall we start?
How do you grow garlic at home?
Garlic is a must in every kitchen. Its pulps can be used in many ways: chopped, blended, powdered, granulated, etc. They can be eaten raw, stir-fried, pickled, steamed, etc. But garlic is gaining popularity especially in our gardens. More and more people are approaching this culture at home. And you don’t need to have a green thumb, even beginners can easily manage to grow them and hope for a bountiful harvest. However, it is important to know that garlic comes in different varieties. Which is a good thing, since you will have the ability to select some based on your tastes and daily recipes.

Here are the two main categories:
Hardneck garlic, also known as “garlic sticks”. It forms a rigid central stem and produces garlic scapes. It has a strong, pungent flavor, but its shelf life is quite short.
Softneck garlic with the top of the stem remaining soft and supple. It does not produce garlic cloves. Its flavor is more subtle and delicate. And this kind of garlic can be stored for six months or more.
Grow it at home from a clove of garlic
So, the burning question on your lips: how do you grow garlic at home? You just need to follow a few steps diligently.

This first phase must be observed religiously: take a clove and immediately cut the garlic from the top. Shoots will form there, while roots will develop from the base.
Next, place 3 toothpicks, not inside but between the shims, each designed to cover 120° of circumference. Arrange them from top to bottom at 45°.
Let’s now move on to the next step: place the head of garlic on a glass, which will remain suspended given the presence of toothpicks.
Then, pour the water into the glass so that the base of the garlic is covered by about 1 cm.
All you have to do is keep the glass in a bright place. Now let nature do its work.
After a week, remove the toothpicks and skin. Separate the garlic shoots, plant them 10cm apart and let them out of the ground.
Don’t forget to water them weekly.
How do you plant garlic in a pot?
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