Yummy! My super picky grandson went crazy for these!

Ah, Pizza Rolls! Now there's a little bite that brings back memories as special as a Sunday quilting bee. You see, back when I was knee-high to a cornstalk, gatherings and potlucks were where these delightful morsels made their first humble appearances in our little community here in the heartland. They're a perfect example of how old-world cuisine can cozy up to Midwestern simplicity and create something downright comforting.
Some folks might tell you that the pizza itself hails from the vibrant alleys of Naples, but when this Italian classic met the American spirit, it got wrapped up into these darlin' little rolls. Quick as a hiccup to make and just the thing for when you've got the grandkids over, or maybe for the local church fundraiser. After all, who can resist the pull of melted cheese and savory, golden dough?
Now, when you lay these out on a platter, fresh from the oven, I like to pair them with a nice, crisp salad. Something with a bit of sharpness to it, perhaps arugula with a drizzle of homemade vinaigrette. And don't forget the marinara sauce for dippin'. It's like the dew on morning clover – can't have one without t'other.
Homestyle Pizza Rolls
Servings: Makes about 12 rolls