With these natural fertilizers you can have flowers all year round for free

We often wonder how we can keep our plants in perfect condition without having to resort to chemical fertilizers and industrial products. That's how it's done.

Natural fertilizer
How plants thrive is a topic of interest to both newbie and experienced gardeners. Because depending on the season and temperatures, some plants may be affected by the weather and appear weaker and less healthy. However, there is a 100% natural fertilizer that allows you to keep plants vital at practically no cost and is very easy to produce.

Organic fertilization for healthy plants
In addition to the usual fertilizers that are even sold in well-stocked supermarkets, there is a completely natural way to care for your plants so that you can give them all the nutrients and minerals they need. You can fertilize your plants naturally, with so-called organic fertilization.

This is how you get lush plants
The name suggests the use of purely natural raw materials, which is good both for the environment, as chemical compounds are avoided, and for the wallet, as these are usually very cost-effective methods. Often the plants that need fertilizing are the ones that need fertilizing the most need to be, those that have just been purchased. Often because they have not been treated properly or simply because they have changed location, newly purchased plants are under stress and need a good dose of vitamins and minerals. And some people will be surprised to learn that succulents are not exempt from fertilization either. All our plants need is nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and nutrients. But where can we find all these useful minerals for our plants? Quite simply, in a common fruit, or rather in its peel: the banana.

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