What's the first thing to check to see if a house is clean?

Determining the cleanliness of a house is quite telling of its upkeep and the typical habits of its residents. In many ways, it can set the tone for the level of comfort and hygiene one can expect during their stay, whether short-term or long-term. Often, the indicators of a well-maintained home are not immediately evident at a casual glance, but rather upon a more scrutinizing look into the systematic way in which different areas are maintained.
The visual appraisal for cleanliness also encompasses a sensory experience, combining sight, smell, and even touch. A truly clean home will stand up to this multi-faceted evaluation, showcasing attention to detail that transcends the superficial tidy-up. This meticulous quality not only contributes to the aesthetics of the space but also ensures a safe and healthy living environment. With this comprehensive understanding, we delve into what to check first when evaluating the cleanliness of a house.
1. The Entryway and Floors