These 7 kitchen tools are just taking up space. See why you don't really need them

If you cook, particularly if you cook a lot, there's a good chance you're going to spend money on kitchen supplies. With an endless supply of cooking gadgets and tools out there — some necessary and some not so much— the costs can really add up. And soon your kitchen will begin to clutter up.
It's true that all home kitchens should include a few key tools, like a cutting board or two, a set of good, sharp knives, plates and essential utensils. But manufacturers have capitalized on the home cook, offering a never-ending assortment of tempting new products. In reality, most of these are a waste of money and space. Read on to discover the seven kitchen tools you don't need.
1. Garlic peeler
These little gadgets consist of a short, hollow tube that's typically made of flexible plastic or silicone. The idea is that you place a clove of garlic inside and rub it together so the garlic's skin falls right off. But this is actually a lot more work than peeling garlic needs to be. To peel garlic easily, just smash it with the flat side of a knife and guaranteed, it will come right off. Alternatively, you can slice off the top of the clove and peel the rest of it.
2. Garlic press