There wasn't a single bite left of this dish by the end of dinner. It was that good!

Now darlings, today we’re steering a bit away from our usual Midwestern fare to take a little culinary adventure across the globe to the delightful flavors of Thailand. I want to share with you a recipe that's close to my heart: Tom Kha Gai, a sumptuous Thai chicken and coconut soup. The first time I tasted this exotic wonder was when my grandson, bless his adventurous soul, made it for me after his travels through Southeast Asia. It's a beautiful blend of creamy coconut, tangy lemongrass, and tender chicken. Making Tom Kha Gai is a way to travel with your taste buds, bringing a taste of the far-off land right to your homey kitchen. It's perfect for when you're yearning for a bit of warmth and comfort, especially when the winds out here get to howlin' and your bones feel the chill.
When it comes to serving this fragrant soup, I like to keep it simple. A bowl of steamed Jasmine rice or sticky rice is enough to soak up that lovely broth, making a hearty meal. I sometimes add a side of crunchy fresh spring rolls or a light cucumber salad for a little extra. It's all about balance and letting that beautiful soup shine.
Tom Kha Gai