The trick to making sure your suitcase is always the first in the baggage carousel at the airport

Traveling is a pleasure that can quickly become tiring when you have to fly and wait at the airport for hours. However, there are solutions that will help you have a pleasant flight and make the experience even more positive.
It can be particularly stressful when checking in your luggage if it is heavier than expected or if you are missing a document. In addition, returning from vacation can add another layer of anxiety when picking up your luggage.

What is the trick that allows you to collect your suitcase at the airport first?
After a long flight, you are often tired and just want to collect your luggage to go home or to your next destination. However, before you return home to rest or calmly enter your vacation home, you will have to lie on the floor for long minutes before you can collect your luggage from the airport carousel. If you're tired of anxiously waiting for your luggage to arrive, here's a trick that will allow you to be the first passenger to collect it.

Stick a delicate label on your suitcase
When you go to the airport to check in yourself and your luggage, you can make a special request to the staff member who will greet you. When checking in, ask to put a “fragile” sticker on your suitcase. In fact, suitcases with this sticker are loaded last into the aircraft's hold and are therefore first unloaded onto the airport conveyor belt upon arrival.

Find out more tips on how to pick up your suitcase at the airport faster
Many things can be stressful during a flight, especially during takeoff and landing of the plane. This can range from delays to in-flight turbulence. But the most important thing is that you can find your luggage as soon as you get off the plane.

Lastly, check in your suitcase at the airport
To ensure you collect your suitcase from the airport carousel first, remember to check your luggage last. In fact, your suitcase will be positioned above the others in the plane's hold and will be the one that comes out first when landing.

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