That’s why many people run a slice of onion in the windows of their house.

Uncover the secret behind using a humble slice of onion for achieving perfectly clear windows.

Why Choose Onions for Cleaning Windows?
At first glance, the idea of using onions to clean your windows might raise some eyebrows. Yet, this unlikely cleaning agent is surprisingly effective, especially on windows that have accumulated a lot of grime or are smeared with fingerprints. The natural substances found in onions cut through dirt with ease, providing a sparkling clean surface without the need for intense scrubbing.

Two Efficient Onion Cleaning Techniques

The Direct Application Method:

Simply cut an onion in half or slice a piece off.
Gently rub it over the glass surface to tackle stubborn marks, such as insect residue or caked-on dirt.
With a bit of persistence, all traces of dirt will fade away.
Finalize the process by buffing the glass with a dry cloth until you achieve a luminous, streak-free finish.
Remarkably, a couple of slices from one onion are enough to leave a whole glass door shining and entirely clean.

The Onion Water Soak Method:

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