Stop frittering away your money and start using salt on orange peels; they're worth a pretty penny around the house.

Get the Most Out of Orange Peels: How Salt Can Help You Save Money Around the House
Because of the current economic situation, Italian households are trying to be as frugal as possible. Maintaining a balanced budget is becoming increasingly challenging due to the rising prices of living and raw goods. Nevertheless, there are creative approaches to saving money without compromising on quality. One such strategy is making good use of common home goods, transforming trash into useful resources.
When it comes to necessities, cleaning supplies are a must-have for any housekeeper. Nevertheless, high-quality cleaning products may be rather expensive. Cutting corners on quality in pursuit of lower prices could lead to disappointing outcomes, despite the allure of such options. The idea of "grandmother's tricks" provides inexpensive yet efficient answers in this situation.
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