Simply fantastic! Could eat this for lunch and then dinner again!

Ah, baked cod with lemon and garlic – it's as simple as it is delightful, reminescent of the gentle hum of a Midwestern kitchen, where hearty and flavorful dishes bubble away in ovens, the heart of the home. Cod, you see, has always been a versatile fish, embraced by folks far and near, particularly in colder climates where a warm meal is as comforting as a quilt made with love by your grandmother. It's sturdy yet flaky—much like the dauntless spirit of the heartland—and when paired with the bright cheeriness of lemon and the deep, earthy kiss of garlic, you get a dish that speaks of simplicity, warmth and the kind of practical elegance that our grandparents knew well. This is a meal for those moments when you want to nourish your loved ones with something wholesome, yet you yearn for the comfort of tradition and ease.
Now, when I think to dress up this dish for company or to place it proudly at the center of a family supper, I can't help but lean towards a good ole' potato salad—a recipe passed down, no doubt—or a mess of green beans fresh from the garden, snapped and steamed to tender perfection. And for those times when the soil is too cold, a chunky apple sauce or roasted root vegetables, all golden and sweet, make a fitting companion to our star of the sea.
Baked Cod with Lemon and Garlic
Servings: Serves 4