Shh, this my secret weapon for keeping my husband in a good mood – he loves it

Oh, the keto pizza skillet—it's everything you crave about pizza but with none of the carb-heavy commitment! Think ooey-gooey cheese, sausage, peppers, and a beautiful variety of toppings all nestled into a skillet to create a low-carb slice of heaven. I stumbled upon this dish in a fit of pizza pangs during my keto journey. It's perfect for when you’re looking to indulge without breaking the ketosis spell or when you simply want a quick, savory dish after a long day at work.
Now let's talk sidedishes. I love a good, crisp salad to balance out this indulgence, maybe something with arugula, shaved parmesan, and a tangy vinaigrette—that acidity cuts through the richness like a charm. Or, if you’re all in for the cozy comfort feels, some steamed broccoli or zucchini noodles can be a warm companion to your skillet pizza.
Keto Pizza Skillet
Servings: 2-3