Oh my gosh, probably the best meal I've ever made!

On my many amblings through old cookbooks and handwritten recipe cards, I often stumble upon a dish that wraps itself around my kitchen-scented heartstrings like a warm, savory embrace. One such gem is Baked Chicken Ricotta Meatballs. These little darlings speak of an era when every ingredient was nestled in the loving hands of someone who raised, cultivated, or crafted it right within the community. And why, you might ask, should someone want to make this delightful dish? Because, dear reader, it’s pure comfort food, the kind that's been passed down through generations to help us remember the value of sitting around the dinner table, sharing stories and a hearty meal with loved ones.
Baked Chicken Ricotta Meatballs can stand proud on their own, but they sure do like the company. I often serve them alongside a buttery mound of mashed potatoes or over a bed of egg noodles. A crisp green salad with a vinaigrette as sharp as a June breeze is always a welcome addition. And don’t forget a loaf of crusty bread – perfect for sopping up every last drop of the rich tomato sauce that accompanies these meatballs.
Baked Chicken Ricotta Meatballs
Servings: Makes about 24 meatballs, serving 4 to 6 people