Never plug these 9 items into a power strip!

Although using power strips to connect electrical gadgets is incredibly convenient and cost-effective, are you aware that there are specific hazards involved?
True malfunctions can occur if you plug in extremely power-hungry gadgets or if you overload the power strip. It has the potential to start fires, damage appliances, and knock out electricity. I don't know how to put that into words.
The only reason I stated it was because that was my experience. Since then, I have been very cautious about my actions... Here are nine things you should never use a power strip for.
Check the power strip's maximum output first.
One thing must be known before providing you with the list of electrical gadgets that should not be plugged in. You can always tell how much electricity a power strip can handle by looking at the cord.
Accordingly, peruse this data before you even think about connecting any electrical gadgets. After then, it's easy. The total power of all devices connected to the power strip has to be added.
Will you teach me how to determine the power of this or that device?
This data is printed on every single electrical appliance, just like it is on the power strip. I'll illustrate this with a specific case. Just pretend that the highest current that your power strip can handle is 3500 W. The simultaneous operation of your oven, which uses 2500 W, requires that you connect it in. Take, for example, your 800 W vacuum cleaner and 250 W kettle. With 3550 W (2500 + 800 + 250), you're beyond the 3500 W limit. With this particular situation, there is just one way out.
For the power strip to go back below its maximum power limit, unplug one of the electrical gadgets from it. If not handled properly, it poses serious risks. The following is a list of everything that has no business being connected to a power strip.
First, the oven
It would be hard to find a more energy-hungry home equipment than the oven. No matter how infrequent its usage, you must never, ever connect it to a power strip!
To prevent the potential of harmful overheating, it is preferable to supply a separate wall outlet.
2. The cold room
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