Just a teaspoon, and the orchid miraculously blooms many flowers.

Coffee has antimicrobial properties that may reduce the risk of root rot and repel certain pests.
The Benefits of Coffee for Orchids
Improved Flowering
By providing essential nutrients, including potassium, coffee can encourage orchids to bloom.
Improvement of Soil Structure
Coffee grounds can improve the aeration and drainage of the orchid mix. These plants being epiphytic, they require a well-draining substrate.
Practical Durable
Using coffee for orchids is a sustainable practice, transforming a waste product into a beneficial supplement.

How to Use Coffee for Orchids
Using Diluted Black Coffee
Preparation: Prepare a diluted coffee solution using one part brewed black coffee to three parts water. Make sure the coffee is cooled.

Application: Substitute this solution for water during regular watering.
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