I love making 2 trays of these for guests, esp when its for game nights!

When family game night comes around or you're planning a cozy movie night, it's always handy to have a quick, zesty snack to pass around. That's where something as simple and delightful as Spicy Ranch Crackers come in. Now, this isn't your average snack – think of it like giving a good ol' Midwestern hug to a box of Saltines, dressing them up with a kick of spice and a burst of ranch flavor. It's easy-to-make, addictively delicious, and I bet you'll be charmed by how these crackers just send your taste buds square dancing!
Spicy Ranch Crackers stand out on their own, but they're downright neighborly alongside a bowl of your favorite soup or chili. They also add a snappy little crunch to a casual salad or, for folks looking for a lighter fare, you can team them with some crisp celery and cucumber sticks. And of course, they're just perfect straight from the bowl!
Spicy Ranch Crackers
Servings: 10-12