I always need to make 3 trays of this because it's THAT popular!

When your family's hankering for something delicious that'll make everyone come runnin' to the dinner table, you can’t go wrong with some home-baked chicken nuggets. This Crispy Baked Chicken Nuggets recipe spins yarns of the countless family diners and cozy Sunday suppers from our childhoods. This all-American classic is not just beloved for its savory crunch but also for its warm-heart simplicity. Making these nuggets from scratch lets you control the ingredients to keep the kiddos healthy without missing out on that golden satisfaction!
These nuggets pair wonderfully with just about anything your heart desires. Serve 'em up with a side of creamy mashed potatoes, coleslaw, or even some buttered corn. And don't forget a good dollop of your family’s favorite dipping sauces—like ketchup, honey mustard, or BBQ sauce—on the side for that extra pizzazz!
Crispy Baked Chicken Nuggets
Servings: 4-6