Hubby’s 7-year-old kid took a dump on my new sofa, he left the clean up to me. I’m thinking about a divorce now but how do I clean this up?

Dealing with household accidents, especially when they involve a tough clean-up and lingering odors, can be incredibly frustrating. Discovering that a child has had an accident on a new sofa is understandably upsetting, and it is important, to begin with, a calm and systematic approach to resolving the issue. Here are some practical steps to help get your sofa looking and smelling fresh again.
Addressing these spills promptly can prevent permanent damage to the upholstery and ensure that your living space remains clean and comfortable.
Cleaning up the Mess: Step-by-Step Guide
1. First and foremost, ensure that the child is okay and that the incident wasn't caused by an underlying health issue. Sometimes, accidents can be a sign of stress or health problems in children.
2. Wear gloves to protect your hands from bacteria and possible irritants during the clean-up process.
3. Remove any solid waste using a spatula or a dull knife, carefully lifting it off the sofa to avoid pushing the waste deeper into the fabric. Dispose of the waste appropriately.