Homemade Tapioca Pudding

Making Your Own Tapioca Pudding—If you ask around, you could find that tapioca pudding is the most divisive kind of pudding. The sight of it makes some people gag, while others like it. I totally belong to the "love it" group, maybe because I had the handmade kind when I was a kid. Delicious, creamy, and a timeless dessert, it never fails to please. Reminiscences of carefree childhood days are rekindled with every mouthful.
I think handmade is the best option, even if you don't see many people preparing it these days. The handmade pudding is so much better than the store-bought one. Fortunately, it's not hard to whip up!
Tapioca Pudding Recipe for Homemade Dessert
25/32 cup of tiny pearl tapioca
¾ cup of white sugar and 4 cups of milk, either whole or 2%
Three eggs
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