Got purple hair dye all over my white bathtub. Scared to tell my landlord. How do I get it out?

Dyeing your hair at home can be a cost-effective way to change your look, but it can also lead to unexpected mishaps, such as staining surfaces with hair dye. It's not uncommon for bathroom fixtures like a white bathtub to bear the brunt of these accidents. Hair dye, especially in vibrant shades such as purple, can be quite stubborn to remove due to the strong pigments used.
Bathrooms are often the go-to spot for at-home hair coloring, which can cause a lot of anxiety if you're not prepared for potential stains. If you've found yourself staring at a once-pristine white bathtub now splattered with purple hair dye, fear not. In many cases, with prompt action and the right materials, you can restore your bathtub to its original state and avoid the uncomfortable situation of explaining the mishap to your landlord.
Step-by-Step Guide to Remove Hair Dye from Your Bathtub
1. Start by donning rubber gloves to protect your hands and ensure that the cleanup process doesn't result in stained fingers.
2. Remove all the excess product from the bathtub by rinsing with warm water. This will wash away any loose dye and prevent further staining as you work.