As It Happens, There Is an Appropriate Method for Cleaning Pillows.

Yes, it's safe to assume that you frequently launder your bedding. However, how frequently do you clean the pillows themselves? Who would have thought? Many people feel the same way. Keep in mind that cleaning your pillows at least once every six months is a good habit to get into. As well as the proper method of cleaning them.
Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab Director Carolyn Forte says there's a certain method to wash pillows so they stay clean and fresh for longer. Do you agree that it sounds decent? Before you wash your pillows, check the care label to see what materials are used. Moving forward, you are now prepared.
Pillows filled with down or fiberfill are machine washable. To keep the washer from tipping over, Carolyn suggests washing two of them simultaneously. To prevent the pillows from being entangled with the agitator in an agitator-style top loader washing machine, it is recommended to arrange them upright in the machine.
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