A Banana and Orange Recipe from Grandma: The Amazing Vision Restorer

For those who prefer a kinder, more holistic approach to health, there is a certain family recipe for natural health supplements and home cures that has been whispered down through the years. Legend has it that this easy-to-make banana-orange smoothie may do wonders for your eyes, especially when it comes to improving your vision and general eye health. This tasty combination, said to be a grandmother's secret, is rich in nutrients that are vital to keeping one's eyesight healthy. Let's have a look at this incredible eye treatment and see how it might become a regular part of your life.
The Nutritious Superfoods: Oranges and Bananas
I love bananas! Potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A abound in this seemingly little fruit. The eye's outer layer, or cornea, and the protein that allows us to see in dim light are both protected by vitamin A, which is also an essential component of rhodopsin.
The vitamin C in oranges isn't only good for keeping the cold at bay; it's also important for maintaining healthy eyes. A diet rich in vitamin C can help prevent cataracts from forming, promote healthy blood vessels in the eyes, and even slow down the progression of age-related macular degeneration when taken alongside other nutrients.
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