7 tips to follow for fluffy and tasty scrambled eggs every time

Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest dishes one could ever make. And that's probably why when kids or young adults start cooking, scrambled eggs are one of the first dishes they tackle. And not only are they easy, but they're also quick to cook. They make for a great breakfast, even on busy mornings before the kids head out to school.
But making scrambled eggs does take just a pinch of know-how. You can't just break eggs into a pan, swirl them around a few times and hope for the best. And if that's what you've been doing, you'll be happy to read the tips below that will take your scrambled eggs to the next level.
1. Use a non-stick pan
I'm actually not a big fan of non-stick pans, but if there's one time they should always be used, it's when you make scrambled eggs. If you opt for stainless steel or cast-iron, your eggs will burn to the sides and the bottom; and it doesn't matter how low of a heat you cook them on. They will burn. That means that you'll have fewer eggs to enjoy, and you'll be scraping and scrubbing until at least lunchtime.
2. Break your eggs into a bowl, not the pan