6 potato casseroles your guests will be drooling over

Potato casseroles are a classic dish. These six potato casserole recipes offer plenty of different ways to cook with spuds.
To make life easier, underneath each recipe name is a video. Follow along and see what you can create.
1. Loaded baked potato casserole
Everyone knows that mashed potatoes are a brilliant side dish for almost any family dinner. When you're looking to add a bit more punch to your dinner table, however, try digging into this amazing loaded baked potato casserole. Full of delicious baked potatoes, crumbly bacon, sour cream, cheddar cheese and with an added kick of RoTel, this casserole is bound to leave you speechless.
2. Cheesy potato hamburger casserole
This cheesy potato hamburger casserole is easy to make and bakes for one hour before you add shredded cheese to melt on top. It's a great weeknight meal to make so that when it's baking, you can get other work done.