12+ Southern meals that are too perfect for Sunday family dinner

Sunday family dinner is a special occasion everywhere. With such a rich culinary heritage, there's no denying that they do it particularly well in the South.
There's almost nothing more heartwarming than gathering around the table with people who are important to you and sharing lovingly prepared food. And when the food tastes this good, even better.
Roasted chicken wings with gravy
I love the way that this savory gravy coats the spiced chicken wings, clinging to the surface and delivering the perfect amount with every bite. The rice helps soak up the extra gravy and becomes super flavorful as you eat. If you doubt that roasted chicken wings can be as crispy as fried ones, just try this recipe and tell me that I'm wrong!​
Smothered chicken with gravy
Learning to make good chicken gravy is a worthwhile life skill to have. With this easy recipe under your belt, you'll be able to turn good food into delicious food every time by simply pouring this over the top.
Oven baked barbecue chicken
Barbecue chicken is a real crowd pleaser. Kids love it just as much as the adults, making it ideal for a family dinner. This recipe is easy to master and gives a really delicious result – no outdoor cooking or grilling required.