Whenever my mom whips this out, it's always the first thing to go!

The Pierogi Lasagna Casserole—a seamless fusion of Polish and Italian comfort foods—epitomizes the concept of culinary amalgamation at its finest. Traditional pierogi, with their tender dough and heartwarming fillings, are a testament to Eastern European peasant cooking, designed to stretch simple ingredients. When merged with lasagna, an Italian staple, it transforms into an oven-baked delicacy that not only honors the ingenuity of cooks who made the most of their resources but also allows today’s home chef to enjoy the essence of both dishes in a fraction of the time. Whether you're in need of a satisfying family dinner or looking for a dish that will wow potluck attendees, this casserole is sure to impress.
Pierogi Lasagna Casserole shines as the star of dinner, but it gracefully shares the stage with a light arugula salad tossed with a zippy vinaigrette, which cuts through the richness of the casserole. Pair with a glass of dry Riesling, which complements the hearty flavors beautifully. For an even more substantial feast, considered a side of steamed green beans or roasted asparagus.
5-Ingredient Pierogi Lasagna Casserole
Servings: 8