“Unlocking the Gardener’s Treasure Trove: 10 Ingenious Applications for Coffee Grounds”

“Unlocking the Gardener’s Treasure Trove: 10 Ingenious Applications for Coffee Grounds”
If you’re a fan of filter coffee in the morning, you probably have the habit of throwing your coffee grounds in the trash. This drink, which is a real ritual for many of us, but can also help us take care of our vegetable garden thanks to its fertilizing elements and minerals. Here are 10 economical, ecological and practical tips for using coffee grounds in your garden.
Some everyday waste can be very useful if you know the right tips. Coffee grounds are one of them and can help you care for your plants in many ways. Before storing it for regular use, you should be aware that it must first dry outdoors or on a plate in an oven that is still slightly warm. Once dry, place in a bag and store in the freezer. After three hours it is ready for use.
If you prefer to have it handy, simply place it in the refrigerator in an airtight box. It is the ideal solution to store it for several days. Now that you know more about how to preserve this ingredient, let’s move on to its many uses:
Here are 10 ways to use coffee grounds in your garden:
If your vegetable plants and flower beds are a popular target for slugs, you can use coffee grounds as a natural repellent. To do this, sprinkle it around your plants. Its strong smell also repels ants, aphids, nematodes and flies. A great advantage to protect your plants naturally. Don’t forget to re-scatter after heavy rains and place around young seedlings to prevent them from being eaten by pests. There are 12 more tips for recycling coffee grounds at home.