The trick of the shoemakers, because every night they put 1 paper newspaper in the shoes

Shoes can often require some maintenance. Below we explain a trick that shoemakers use. It will surprise you.
Paper on shoes is a simple but effective remedy to protect your favorite shoes.
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Shoes: the shoemaker’s tip
We saw some good shoes, they are on sale. We go into the store, we are going to try them on but unfortunately they don’t fit us perfectly. Despite this, we decided to buy them anyway. There is a small remedy to recover their shape and keep them perfect.

It’s the paper thing, which actually also serves to keep our shoes always in shape, especially those made of genuine leather, which, being soft by nature, could favor their shape.

You don’t need who knows what paper, you can simply reuse it from old newspapers or advertising brochures that are often found abandoned around the house. Let’s see how to put into practice the method that shoemakers also use.

How to adopt this method

The paper, placed inside the shoes every night, will prevent them from becoming deformed or, if more paper than necessary is used, from coming off a little, spreading where the shoe could hurt.

In addition, paper has another function, which is to absorb moisture . Therefore, in the shoe rack, every time we take off our shoes, we have to place paper balls there, which will not only keep the shoes in shape but will also absorb their moisture, preventing the appearance of odor.

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