Syrup with honey and carrots that eliminates phlegm: get rid of cough and mucus from the lungs

Unlock the natural healing powers of carrots and honey with this simple yet effective homemade syrup that aims to eliminate phlegm, soothe coughs, and clear mucus from the lungs. Harnessing the antioxidant-rich qualities of carrots and the antibacterial properties of honey, this syrup is not only beneficial for combating respiratory conditions but also for boosting the immune system. Here's how to prepare this healthful remedy right in your kitchen.

Honey and Carrot Syrup for Phlegm
3 1/2 cups of carrots (approximately 400g)
5 tablespoons of organic honey (125g)
Prepare the Carrots: Start by thoroughly washing the carrots. Grate them and place them in a pot filled with water. Boil until they're soft, which makes them easier to mash and increases their bioavailability.

Mash the Carrots: After boiling, remove the carrots from the heat. Mash them using a fork or a spoon to create a smooth puree. This process helps in releasing the carrots' nutrients and makes it easier to mix with honey.

Combine with Honey:

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