Stick plastic hooks on the inside of your kitchen cupboard for this clever reason

Those temporary adhesive wall hooks offer much more household use than temporarily hanging holiday decorations. There are several tricks to using wall hooks, including smart solutions for constantly ajar cabinet doors and even a proper resting spot for your charging phone or tablet.
These plastic hooks - often found at discount stores and drug store chains – offer an added bonus for renters, as they easily apply and remove without needing tools. You're also not left patching unsightly holes left in the wall by traditional screw-in hooks when you move out.
Keep reading and let's go over all the way these plastic hooks can be used:
1. Hang a box of tissues
Make two holes on your Kleenex box.
Adhere plastic hooks to your wall, and hang up your tissue box! Tissues will never be out of reach again.
2. Hang foil on the wall
Similar to the technique of 1, you can do the same with foil, plastic wrap, or parchment paper.