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Candy grapes, a delightful confection that reminds us of childhood funfairs and festive seasons, have found their way into more sophisticated culinary circles thanks to their simplicity and versatility. While their origins are rooted in classic candied fruits, these luscious treats are more about ingenuity in the kitchen than a storied past. The allure of candy grapes lies in their addictive combination of a crispy sugar shell with the burst of juicy fruit inside. They are perfect for entertaining, as they transform the humble grape into a whimsical treat for adults and children alike, or when you're looking for a creative touch to embellish your dessert platter or to be served as a sweet petit four with a twist.
Candy grapes are an indulgence that stand well on their own, but they also make a vibrant addition to a variety of situations. They can be served alongside a cheese plate to add a pop of color and a touch of sweetness that complements the savory flavors. Alternatively, try pairing them with a crisp glass of sparkling wine for an elegant dessert option at your next dinner party.
Candy Grapes
Servings: 4-6