Put one tablespoon in the washing machine to get perfectly ironed whites every time.

Ironing isn't everyone's cup of tea, so why not look for ways to avoid it? Even if you claim it doesn't exist, the truth is that it does. If you want to save time and not iron, this is the way to do it.
While ironing may be a soothing activity for some, a quiet moment to focus on one's own needs, the truth is that the vast majority of us despise this chore. When summer arrives and the iron's steam isn't enough, this may be the most dreaded domestic task of all time.
How, however, are you supposed to maintain your garments neat and tidy without ironing them? You can benefit greatly from time-saving techniques. I will now describe them to you.
Tips that will make ironing a thing of the past
Some individuals despise the word "ironing" because it makes them think of the hours they'll have to spend at home after work ironing garments, or the whole weekend they'll have to devote to the chore. Having neatly folded garments on display is definitely not a selling point.
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