Put chicken in a crock pot and after just 5 minutes of prep, you’ll have the best dinner ever

Step into our kitchen, and you’re in for a treat! Today, we bring to you an exquisite, simple-to-whip-up slow cooker chicken dinner that is your answer to busy weeknight dilemmas. Packed with the tenderness of chicken, the earthiness of vegetables, and the zest of savory seasonings, this one-pot wonder promises minimal cleanup and maximum flavor.
Proteins & Veggies: Delicate chicken fillets are paired with vibrant red potatoes, succulent baby carrots, and crisp green beans.
Flavor Bomb: A medley of butter, tangy lemon, aromatic oregano, and punchy onion and garlic ensures each morsel sings with flavor.
Chicken breast fillets: 2 pounds
Small red potatoes (quartered): 1 pound
Dutch/baby carrots (trimmed & peeled): ½ pound
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