My Greek nana taught me this recipe, and it's been on rotation since!

Under the golden Mediterranean sun, the flavors of Greek cuisine come alive, and this Greek Chicken recipe, passed down from my Greek nana, is no exception. Laden with the brightness of lemon and the depth of herbs, it's a dish that sings of family, tradition, and the joy of gathering around the table. Whether you're looking to refresh your meal repertoire or take a culinary journey to the shores of Greece, this recipe offers a delectable escape within the comfort of your home.

To truly embrace the Mediterranean vibe, pair this Greek Chicken with a side of fluffy rice or golden roasted potatoes, lightly dusted with oregano. Complement the meal with a crisp Greek salad, bursting with the freshness of tomatoes, cucumbers, and a lavish sprinkle of feta cheese, and don't miss out on the warm, grilled pita bread, perfect for soaking up the succulent flavors of the chicken.

Greek Chicken Recipe
Servings: 4
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