Mother Begs People Online For Help After Finding Mysterious ‘Coffee Grounds’ In Daughter’s Bedroom

It’s true that there are positive uses for the internet.

Consider the case of Kelli Tarin. She went to Facebook for assistance after discovering what might be a pest problem. Thousands of comments were left for the mother of three, expressing everything from a desire to offer assistance to a simple want to be informed about her circumstances.

She eventually figured out the solution, but not before laughing heartily.

Tarin sent a request for assistance from other members of the Homemaking Tips Facebook group in August 2023.

She had just moved into a rental home in west Texas with her family when they came onto something that made her call the landlord and every pest control business she could think of all the time.

“Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these. Only in my daughters room. I clean it almost every day. This Is something that happened QUICK,” she wrote alongside a photo of a pile of what she described as looking like “coffee grounds.”