Make these every year for Easter and they always are the first to run out!

Easter has always been a time for family, reflection, and, let's be honest, some fun and colorful eating! Taking a twist on the traditional Easter treats, these Easter Egg Fruit Pizzas combine the simplicity of sugar cookies with the freshness of fruit – all in the adorable shape of Easter eggs. Perfect for a festive brunch or as a sweet ending to your Easter dinner, these cookies bring a smile to everyone's face, little ones and grown-ups alike. Plus, with the fuss-free prep, you can whip these up even in the midst of your busy schedule!
The beauty of these Easter Egg Fruit Pizzas is that they're a dessert and a centerpiece all rolled into one. When I serve these, I like to balance them out with some savory finger foods like mini quiches or deviled eggs. For a refreshing drink, a fruity punch or a lemonade complements the sweetness of the pizza perfectly.
Easter Egg Fruit Pizzas
Servings: Makes about 12-15 fruit pizzas, depending on the size of your egg-shaped cutter.