Love whipping these up on a few trays! Be careful: crazy addictivie!

There's something timeless about the marriage of chocolate and peanut butter—it's a flavor romance that's been courted in many a Midwestern kitchen. Today, I'm sharing a recipe that's a bit of a modern twist on that classic love affair: Loaded Reese's Bark. This treat takes inspiration from simpler days when homemade sweets were a cause for anticipation. Whether for a school bake sale, a church potluck, or just a little indulgence after barn-raising, recipes like this one would have been a joyful act of love. Loaded Reese's Bark, studded with chunks of Reese's Pieces, is a patchwork quilt of flavor, bringing delight with each little variation in bite—a charming way to make an afternoon special or end a family gathering on a sweet note.
This Loaded Reese's Bark is plenty satisfying on its own, but wouldn't it be darling served with a chilly glass of milk or a steaming mug of coffee for the adults? If you're feelin' fancy, make a platter a mixed bark—a bit of this next to some white chocolate cranberry or dark chocolate sea salt varieties would be a treat for the eyes and the taste buds!
Loaded Reese's Bark
Servings: Makes about 1 pound of bark, enough to serve 8-10 folks a goodly piece.