Instant Pot Keto Beef Stew

This Instant Pot Keto Beef Stew is loaded with tender shredded beef, and vegetables in a savory broth. Each serving of this stew is about 5 net carbs! This is the perfect low carb comfort food with stove-top, Instant Pot, or slow cooker directions!
What kind of person are you? What is your “therapy?” Are you the type that turns to retail therapy? Do you do some major cleaning, head to the gym, or maybe break out the chocolate?
Can you guess what kind of person I am? I cook. Something a bit time consuming, that involves lots of chopping or maybe a temperamental dough. I don’t really care what it is as long as it requires time and attention. It always helps to center me and bring things into perspective.
Things have been a little crazy around here lately and I felt like I was long over due for a little kitchen therapy. This Keto Beef Stew is the perfect dish to nourish your heart and soul!
Ingredients for Keto Beef Stew
As always, this is a quick overview of the ingredients you will need to make a hearty low carb beef stew. For the complete recipe just keep scrolling.
Beef Chuck Roast: look for a roast that is about 2 pounds without too much fat.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a good quality oil will help give the dish depth and added flavor.
Vegetables: onion, celery, turnip, carrot, garlic
Spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, rosemary
Worcestershire sauce
Beef broth
Tomato Paste