How to get rid of mice at home quickly

Mice may seem benign, but a bite from these rodents can lead to serious health issues due to the pathogens they carry. To protect your health and home, adopting effective strategies to deter mice is crucial. Here, we outline several methods that can aid in keeping these unwelcome guests at bay.

1. Humane Traps
Available at most supermarkets, humane traps offer a less cruel solution for capturing mice. Generally, these are cage-like devices that trap the mouse without causing harm. To use, simply place bait (like cheese or peanut butter) inside the trap and set it in areas where mouse activity is noted. Ensure to release the captured mice far from your home.

2. Essential Oils
Leveraging mice's acute sense of smell, essential oils serve as an excellent deterrent. Peppermint oil, in particular, is highly effective. Soak cotton balls in about 30 drops of essential oil and place them in areas prone to mouse entry. Replace these cotton balls every one to two weeks to maintain their efficacy.

3. Tomato Spiral Repellent

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