Here’s how to simply defrost the fridge in no time

At some point in our culinary journeys, we all encounter it: the stubborn frost stubbornly clinging to the insides of our refrigerators. Not only is it an unsightly inconvenience, but an overly icy fridge also operates less efficiently, consuming more energy and reducing the lifespan of your appliance. But fear not, for the rapid and easy defrosting guide is here! Let’s melt away those icy troubles in no time.
Step 1: Unplug and Empty
Begin by unplugging the fridge to prevent any electrical mishaps. Empty all contents, ensuring perishables are placed in a cooler to maintain their chill. Don’t forget to remove shelves and bins for a thorough defrost.
Step 2: Prep Your Space
Place towels around the base of the fridge to soak up any escaping water and prevent a mini flood in your kitchen. You may also insert a shallow tray to collect meltwater.

Step 3: Let the Thaw Begin

Open the fridge and freezer doors, allowing room temperature to initiate the melting. For a speedier process, place a pot of hot water inside, remembering to replace it periodically as it cools.

Step 4: Scrape with Care

If thick ice persists, gently use a plastic scraper or spatula (never metal!) to encourage it to detach. Exercise patience and caution to avoid damaging your fridge.

Step 5: Deep Clean

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