Freeze a Dish Sponge for Unexpected Benefits

Freeze a Dish Sponge for Unexpected Benefits
Ever thought about freezing a dish sponge? This secondary use for a classic kitchen item is something few people know about, but it’s surprisingly useful.
The Dish Sponge: A Kitchen Staple
We’re all familiar with the standard dish sponge, typically yellow and green, with a soft side for gentle cleaning and a rough side for scrubbing tough stains. These sponges are indispensable for effective cleaning, not just for dishes but also for various other household tasks.
A Surprising Alternative Use
But there’s an unexpected way to use these sponges – by placing them in the freezer. For this purpose, it’s advisable to use a new sponge. Before freezing it, wash it to soften and thoroughly disinfect it. Then, place the sponge in an airtight food bag and into the freezer.
From Sponge to ‘Instant Ice’