Do you have such NODES on your NECK, BACK, or near your EAR

Many individuals experience epidermoid cysts, often confusing them with sebaceous cysts. However, the Mayo Clinic clarifies that true sebaceous cysts, originating from sebaceous glands, are quite rare. In contrast, epidermoid cysts are benign formations typically found on the skin, developing from ectodermal tissue and composed of squamous epithelium. These cysts are characterized by their cheese-like content and result from keratin, a skin cell protein, accumulating beneath the skin. While usually painless and movable, these cysts can become inflamed or infected and are found across various body parts, including the scrotum.

Though epidermoid cysts generally don't cause pain or necessitate treatment, infection necessitates removal, often through surgery. However, natural remedies can also offer relief and potentially aid in their resolution.

Natural Remedies for Epidermoid Cysts:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Its acetic acid component effectively combats cyst-related infections, helping protect the skin from bacteria. Applying apple cider vinegar on a gauze to the cyst daily can lead to the formation of a crust, which, when removed, aids in the cyst's disappearance. Ensuring cleanliness in the area accelerates healing.

Dandelion Mixture: A concoction of dandelion and viola (or "three spotted brothers") boiled for 45 minutes can be consumed four times daily over ten days or applied directly to the cyst.
Epsom Salt:
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