Defrosting the freezer: the appliance does not have to be switched off. With this trick you can do it in minutes

Defrost Your Freezer Easily and Quickly Without Turning It Off

Are you facing the common issue of ice buildup in your freezer? There’s a simple and efficient way to defrost it without needing to switch off the appliance. This method ensures that your frozen food stays cold while you quickly and safely remove the ice.

Here’s how you can defrost your freezer without turning it off:

Steps to Defrost the Freezer:

Boil Water: Start by boiling water in a pot on your stove.

Prep Your Freezer: Before placing the pot, remove your food items from the freezer, ensuring they stay cold during the process.

Place the Pot in the Freezer: Once the water reaches boiling point, carefully place the pot in your freezer.

Close the Freezer: Shut the freezer door and let the steam from the boiling water work for about 20 minutes.

Alternative Method Using Hot Towels:

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