Coffee Mousse Delight

Indulge in a creamy and airy Coffee Mousse Delight, a perfect dessert for coffee lovers. This recipe combines the rich taste of coffee with the smooth texture of mousse, creating a delightful treat that’s both easy to make and delicious. With just a few ingredients, you can whip up this elegant dessert that’s sure to impress at any gathering or provide a sweet end to your meal. Let’s dive into the steps to create this coffee-infused delight.

500 ml of whole milk
100g of granulated sugar
5 tablespoons of instant coffee powder
3 tablespoons of cornstarch
50ml of water
Prepare the Coffee Mixture:
In a small bowl, dissolve the instant coffee in 50ml of water, ensuring there are no lumps. This concentrated coffee mixture will give our mousse its distinctive flavor.
Mix Cornstarch and Sugar:
In another bowl, mix the cornstarch and sugar. This blend will help thicken our mousse, giving it that perfect consistency.
Heat the Milk: