Cockroaches in pipes: 6 tips to get rid of them

Battling cockroaches in your home, especially within drains, can be a challenging ordeal. These unwelcome guests thrive in moist environments, proliferating rapidly in kitchen and bathroom pipes. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to eradicate cockroaches from your drainage system and keep them at bay.

1. Seal Entry Points
Inspect drain pipes closely with a flashlight to spot any cracks or holes where roaches might enter. Use caulk to seal smaller gaps and steel wool for larger openings before applying silicone to ensure a tight seal.

2. Fix Leaky Faucets
Cockroaches are drawn to standing water, making leaky taps a beacon for infestation. Regular maintenance to fix any drips can significantly reduce their presence.

3. Maintain Cleanliness
A clean environment is your first line of defense against cockroaches. Ensure no food particles are left in the sink or on dishes, as these are prime feeding grounds for roaches. Washing dishes with white vinegar and wiping surfaces regularly can deter their presence.

4. Strategically Position Garbage Cans

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