Chocolate Trifle

You can use cake mix or prepared cake in a pinch, but this cake recipe is divine!
Granulated Sugar: it makes our cake, cake!
Oil: use a neutral flavored oil like canola oil to add moisture to the cake.
Milk: whatever you have on hand will work, dairy or non-dairy.
Eggs: binds the ingredients together so the cake can hold its shape.
Vanilla: adds flavor depth and sweetness.
All-Purpose Flour: fluffed and leveled so you don’t end up with too much flour.
Cocoa Powder: use high-quality, unsweetened cocoa powder for the richest chocolate flavor.
Salt: cuts the sweetness and enhances flavor.
Baking Soda and Baking Powder: we’re using both leavening agents to keep the cake texture so light and fluffy.
Hot Coffee: or hot water. I recommend the coffee because it enhances the chocolate flavor of the cake, but water will work just fine.
Trifle ingredients:
Chocolate Pudding: we’re making the pudding layer with instant chocolate pudding mix and milk.
Whipped Cream: we’re throwing together a homemade whip made up of heavy whipping cream, powdered icing sugar, and vanilla extract. Feel free to use Cool Whip if preferred.
Optional Toppings: get creative! I love crushed Oreos, crushed heath or skor bars, maltesers or whoppers, and chocolate sauce or chocolate shavings.
How to Make a Chocolate Trifle