Blueberry Chaffle

Blueberry Chaffles

These Blueberry Chaffles are the perfect keto breakfast or keto dessert! These low carb waffles taste exactly like a blueberry waffle- your family won’t be able to tell the difference. By taking the recipe for a Basic Chaffle but reducing the amount of mozzarella for more cream cheese, you’ve got yourself a nice, soft chaffle. If you prefer a crispier texture, pop into the Air Fryer or toaster.

This recipe is perfect for keto meal prep- these are super easy to freeze and reheat, making your mornings a breeze. These chaffles are also a super kid friendly recipe- pop one into the toaster and add your toppings and you’ve got a happy breakfast table!

While you may traditionally think of these keto waffles as a breakfast food, I also love them for an indulgent keto dessert. For a fun topping, try this Keto Frosting, Sugar Free Strawberry Sauce or your favorite sugar free syrup. The best part? One of these chaffles is only 1.8 net carbs!