Apricot jam: the recipe for a delicious preserve without pectin

Apricots 1 kg
Lemon 1/2
Sugar 250 gr
Apricot jam is a delicious and genuine preserve , a great classic to prepare in summer with the sweetest and juiciest fresh apricots. Once stored in the suitably sterilized glass jars, the marmalade is ready to be enjoyed throughout the year, spread on rusks or fresh bread for genuine breakfasts and snacks . It can be used to fill a homemade tart , shortcrust pastry biscuits , crêpes or even the famous sacher torte .

Quick and easy, it is prepared in a few simple steps . The apricots are left to macerate with sugar and lemon, then cooked over low heat, stirring occasionally. To check the right consistency, do the saucer test : drop a drop and, if it stays compact, the jam is ready to be put into jars. In our recipe, the lemon juice , in addition to acting as a thickener in place of the pectin, will be essential for eliminating any acidity and maintaining a nice bright colour.

For an impeccable result, take advantage of the summer season to stock up on apricots: buy fruits that are ripe at the right point, very firm, free of bruises and preferably organic (or from your trusted greengrocer); if you like, you can add the spices you prefer: cinnamon, vanilla or grated fresh ginger, for a pleasantly pungent touch.

Find out how to make apricot jam by following the procedure and advice step by step.

How to make apricot jam

Step 1

Wash the apricots under cold running water and drain well1.

Step 2

Blot with kitchen paper towels2.

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