After eating this, I'm never having salmon any other way!

Looking for a meal that's both effortless to prepare and guaranteed to impress every time? Look no further than this Baked Honey Lime Garlic Butter Salmon. It's my trusty choice for those days when I crave something substantial but want to keep kitchen time to a minimum. The rich flavors of honey, lime, and garlic blend seamlessly, infusing the salmon with a sweet and tangy taste that's simply irresistible. Inspired by a dish I discovered at a food festival, I've tweaked the recipe for even quicker preparation, perfect for those nights when the kitchen is just another stop in your busy day.

Whether it's a special occasion or you're just in need of a nutritious boost, this salmon dish is sure to satisfy. It pairs wonderfully with a range of sides, from a light kale and avocado salad to hearty roasted baby potatoes or jasmine rice, which perfectly captures the honey lime sauce.

Baked Honey Lime Garlic Butter Salmon

Serves 4


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