5 symptoms that show your liver is in poor health

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Many of us know that the liver is a very important organ that performs many daily functions. However, we probably don’t know what these functions are, or even why the liver is so important!

Your liver is the largest organ in your body, it acts like a real “purification plant”. It sits just below your ribcage, on the right side of your abdomen. It plays several important roles, including helping you digest food and removing harmful toxins built up in your body.

Every day, your liver works to get rid of the various toxins you encounter in your diet, lifestyle, and environment. Your entire body depends on the liver to “clean” the blood of impurities.

However, by following an unhealthy lifestyle and an industrialized diet (pesticides, preservatives, food colorings, alcohol, tobacco, etc.), our liver very quickly finds itself overwhelmed by excesses and must increase its efforts to cleanse our body of waste. stored over time.

However, unable to keep up with the intense pace you put it through, it ends up sending out warning signals to warn you of a possible malfunction. Here are 5 of these symptoms:

Itchy and irritated skin

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