10 surprising uses of vanilla outside of cooking or baking

Vanilla is typically associated with its popular use in sweet treats like cookies and ice cream. However, this widely loved flavoring has various innovative and unexpected uses beyond the realm of the kitchen. Its warm, sweet aroma and its natural properties make vanilla a versatile ingredient that can be used in multiple aspects of everyday life.
If you think vanilla's versatility is limited to adding flavor to your favorite desserts, prepare to be amazed by some of the unordinary and practical applications of vanilla that you might not have considered before.
1. Natural Air Freshener
Vanilla has a cozy and inviting scent that is perfect for freshening up your living space. Add a few drops of vanilla extract to a bowl of water and place it in your room, or soak a cotton ball in vanilla and vacuum it up to spread the aroma around your home.
2. Insect Repellant
Bugs are often repelled by the smell of vanilla. You can make a natural insect repellant by mixing vanilla extract with water and wiping the mixture on your pulse points or spraying it around your space.
3. Stress Relief